What is Existence?

Consciousness? Yet consciousness is so limited. Limited to only one perspective, and to interacting with the physical world; what we know individually. Although the ability to communicate allows us to broaden our perspective and gain new knowledge we are still limited only to those we choose to or are able to interact with. Our consciousness gives us a sense and understanding of where we are and who we are, but it never has and never will be able to truly explain why we are.

Why are we ourselves? How did it come to be that my thoughts and ideas, my internal presence is hosted inside this body?

These are the questions that cannot truly be answered. Science can explain the growth and development of these things and try to establish these processes as to why, however it cannot truly explain our consciousness and sentience. It is my understanding that although our conscious mind is what drives us in the physical world, or the “real” world, that it is in fact the lesser part of our mind. It has a limited focus, only able to maintain attention to so many things at once before it becomes overloaded and stress is induced. Although consciousness is essential to maintaining our needs: food, shelter, etc. it cannot reach outside of reality to process things. Here is where our unconscious mind prospers: In the realm of dreams, distorted reality, fiction, and mysteries.

The unconscious mind takes over where the conscious mind falls short or no longer has the means to function. All our memories, instincts, personality, and sources of these traits and greater functions of the mind are found here, tucked away and unspoken. As it is impossible to constantly be recalling every memory we’ve ever had at once, particularly while we are trying to take in new information, our unconscious mind pushes these forward to our consciousness at times of relevance. It runs deeper than this though. Epiphanies, inspirations, and the like come from the same place.

Our unconscious mind is constantly working, capable of processing information while our conscious mind lays dormant in sleep. It also has the advantage of being able to use every piece of information we’ve ever received in its efforts to make deductions. Where is our unconsciousness stored while our conscious mind is present, is it in the back of our heads, opposite the forefront of our minds, or is it someplace further off, someplace more distant and complex where it gathers all of its wisdom and insights. Where is this unconscious connected to, how deep and far back does it go? It is my belief that our unconscious mind is in fact our soul, or at the very least the bridge or connection to it and its ethereal presence.


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